Adopt an older dog…they`ll love you for it. This is Gramps, our most recent addition. We’ve only had him a few months but he has very quickly squirmed his way into our hearts. Gramps came to us this winter from an SPCA branch office where he had been found roaming in the woods. It’s sad to say but many people treat Beagles as tools for hunting. When they can no longer hunt rabbits they are either released into the wild, shot or tied out on a chain24/7. This is one reason why we have a special place in our hearts for them. Gramps is on a special diet and is missing all of his molars but he still has a great appetite. Unfortunately Gramps arrived with a severe form of Kennel cough. Our other three Beagles had been vaccinated but unfortunately two of the others caught the cough from Gramps. A specialist advised us that this particular form was virulent, and unless other dogs had been treated with the nose spray they would be susceptible. Lesson learned! They all get regular administration nasally. I recommend you check into this. This infection carried on for well over a month and Gramps still has an associated cough. Strangely enough our second oldest Beagle who had the exact same routine of shots never caught the cough. In addition, we were advised that he was deaf. His ear passageways almost looked deformed but they were just very swollen and very dirty. Subsequently, we happily found out that with a LOT of cleaning and anti-yeast treatment his hearing is now normal

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