I recently picked up a lab-mix from the pound, they tell me she is about a year old, they picked her up July 4th weekend, had her about two weeks.

Anyway she came with "Kennel Cough" and has been on anti-biotics for two weeks and has seen the vet, he says she will get 100% within a few weeks. For now her symptoms are hacking and coughing, her energy levels have risen and is otherwise doing well.

Problem I have is that I have never owned a dog before and not sure how to properly train her. She seems pretty well domesticated so far – rarely (if ever) jumps on the couches, is fairly well potty-trained (only 3 accidents in two weeks), etc.

So there is the background of the dog, here is the problem I have with her:

Whenever I take her outside or on a walk she will plop down and just lay there. Does not respond to calls, treats, me "fake chasing" her, pulling on her, pushing her, etc… she just lays there and looks at me as if she has no intention of ever moving. Help?
-She isn’t scared, or at least, doesn’t appear to be. She simply just drops on the ground and lays there and nothing seems to get her to move

-I am always gentle with her, I usually let her lay there for awhile, pet her occasionally, try throwing toys to get her active after she lays awhile, nothing seems to work

-Very frustrating when all I want to do is take her out to go to the bathroom, then have to practically carry her inside
-Thanks for advice so far everyone

-I take her on short and long walks and sometimes she does fine, other times halfway through the walk decides to just plop down and not move.

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