Just a quick update this morning on Gisela She has been very quiet again after visiting the vets yesterday for her blood tests The initial results were encouraging as she was Leishmania borderline, Negative Filaria and Negative also for Erlichia. However she is very anaemic. The kennel cough has really begun to make her appear a little weak and her lungs have started to get fluid on them. She did not eat very much yesterday afternoon after she received an antibiotic to help with her diarrhoea. She is drinking a great deal though. I had to take her into the vet again this morning after we heard the fluid on her lungs and also to get her back on the drip for the day (8 hours) The vet has given her something direct into the vein to help with the fluid build up on her lungs. The vet is doing everything she can think of for her and she has said the next few days is crucial. Fingers and everything here is crossed for her. Andy UPDATE We just had a call from the vet this morning that has spoken with the hospital to say that the situation with Gisela is very much the same as it was. The problem is that she has not yet responded to the antibiotics for the kennel cough, and this continues to make her feel weak. She is unable to eat voluntarily and is still having to be encouraged to eat by syringe straight into her mouth. Her diarrhoea looks to be better though, in that there is more colour to it. although it could not have got any worse. Cant treat Leishmania yet as she is still

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