This is the latest update on Gisela Firstly Gail and I want to thank everyone for their support and best wishes for little Gisela and it means so much to us all at Noah’s arc to know that we have you all praying for her to get well. …. After 4 days intensive care Gisela has now contracted Kennel cough! This clearly is adding to the complications of her condition and today we had to get help from the vet and she prescribed antibiotics. She was very subdued this morning, but this afternoon she got more animated especially after her 3rd Rieki session. Thanks to Rieki master Sue Browne. Tonight she has eaten a little tuna and some rice and her poo has some colour to it so we are no longer able to read through it. Tomorrow we have the dreaded blood test and then await the results of Leishmania, Ehrlichia, heartworm and how much organ damage she has. Please send a prayer for Gisela that she will have no deceases and her organs have survived her ordeal. Love to you all….Andy UPDATE We just had a call from the vet this morning that has spoken with the hospital to say that the situation with Gisela is very much the same as it was. The problem is that she has not yet responded to the antibiotics for the kennel cough, and this continues to make her feel weak. She is unable to eat voluntarily and is still having to be encouraged to eat by syringe straight into her mouth. Her diarrhoea looks to be better though, in that there is more colour to it. although it could not have got

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