PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!! An animal welfare group on Friday delivered a petition of 7000 names calling on the government to prevent products from cloned animals entering the food chain. The petition, delivered by activists wearing “cloned” masks of Prime Minister David Cameron, was hastily organised after news emerged this week that meat from offspring of a cloned cow had entered the food chain. Referring to the use of 40 protestors in Cameron masks to make their point, he added: “We wanted to have a tongue-in-cheek expression of what it means to take away individuality through cloning.” On Wednesday, it was revealed that a few unwitting members of the public in Britain had eaten meat from two bulls who were among eight cattle conceived using embryos harvested from a cloned cow in the United States. “People want honesty, they want to be able to trust their food, yet this cloned food has slipped into our food chain unauthourised, unlabelled and unnoticed, until now,” said Lymbery. – Reports of whooping cough outbreaks in California1,2 and in other states this summer are nothing new. Every four to five years — no matter how high the vaccination rate is – there are reports of whooping cough increases. Whooping cough is a respiratory disease. Toxins in Bordetella pertussis bacteria stimulate the production of large amounts of thick, sticky mucus that can clog the airways of tiny babies and children, making it difficult for them to take a breath without vomiting, choking and

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