I am well aware of the symptoms of kennel cough, and I am 99.9 sure that my foster dog has it. It has been a week since his exposure to other dogs at the shelter, and he is now showing the symptoms which is pretty bang on for the onset of this virus. I know my other dogs and cat can get it despite being vaccinated, and since they’ve been around each other I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. UGH! Anyway, my question is this. The holidays have really drained my account, and it will take a few pay checks to build it back up. I’ve read that if you monitor your pups temps, and make sure there are no complications along with the KC like Pneumonia, that it usually will resolve itself. Can I wait that long to take him to the vet, and will the shelter reinburse me for the treatment seeing as how I am merely providing the dog a home, food, and the training/socialization he needs to find a forever home? I feel like a real a** asking the shelter that, but I really can’t afford this for at least two weeks.
I just wonder if anyone knows of some home remedies for KC. I’ve been told its like the common cold, and I’m watching him like a hawk. He is eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, etc. normally, and I’ve made sure his activity level is lowered. I just feel bad cause he has that hacking cough, and the snuffles.
Any advise would be great. I’ve never actually had a dog who has had KC before, so I’m not sure if I’m taking things a little too lightly or if it is a serious condition that could kill him. It isn’t impossible to get to the vet; I could work out a payment plan, but honestly I don’t want to sink a ton of money into him if I’m not going to be his owner. I know right now his care is my responsibility, but had I known he had KC, I’d have waited till he was well to bring him into my home.

P.S. I can’t take him to the vet for at least two days because it is Christmas Eve, and everything is closed. I will not take him to the emergency vet because they charge way too much, and won’t work with people on payment plans. It is also an hour and a half drive, and I can’t make that trip.

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