PATIENT: 9 year old Pomeranian-newly adopted yesterday from a shelter. He was a stray. Don’t know if he has ever been heartworm tested and shelter did not test for that.
SYMPTOMS: He does NOT "snort" on the inhale, but has a moist, harsh cough and gags on the exhale. He wakes up about every 1/2 hour coughing and gagging. Excitement does NOT make his symptoms worse. KENNEL COUGH HAS ALREADY HAS BEEN PROFESSIONALLY RULED OUT. BEFORE you all get excited and tell me to see a vet, I already have an appointment! What is his outcome on these 3 possibiliteis?
Yeah, I’m just as confused as all of you. Can’t wait for the diagnosis and possibly get some meds for him so he can be more comfortable.
HUGHES: I also had a MinPin with an enlarged heart and also had to put her down when meds stopeed working. This sounds very reminiscent of the condition…I sure hope not!
UPDATE: It’s not heartworm….test is negative. YAY!
It is an enlarged heart as I suspected. The fluid in his lungs are making him cough and gag. Trachea looks good!

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