I recently got a new puppy from an animal shelter. I have three other dogs. I think this new puppy may have given them what they call kennel cough. The puppy was fine when i went and picked him out. Then I took him to the vet to get neutered, and the next day when i picked him up and brought him home..he started coughing, like something was stuck in his throat. And the next day my two other little dogs started doing the same thing, and now my German shepherd is starting to do the same. They are all healthy , besides the cough. They are all still eating good and everything.The two that started getting it first are coughing like crazy, they act like they are gonna puke, but nothing comes up. Its only been a few days, and I have never had a dog with this before. Is this something that will pass, or is it a serious matter, that will get worse. I just need to know, so I can take them to the vet. If I do take them to the vet is this a serious matter. I was reading online that it very contagious between other dogs. The dog I got from the animal shelter is the only way I could figure they got this. Either he got it at the shelter, or at the vets office when he stayed over night.

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