My dog has had a cough for months, we took him to the vets twice over the months hes had it and at first he was put on antibiotics and had a steroid injection and it calmed the cough down but it came back so we took him again for the same treatment she checked his heartbeat breathing etc and all was fine and the antibiotics and steroid injection instanly cleared the cough.
Then my husband took him out after we had purposely kept him in for a few weeks and suddenly the cough was there again i was gutted, he is a husky so he does pull on the collar which i dont think helps we got him a harness to wear, he coughs in the house mostly when he gets excited or sometimes when he drinks or sometimes when hes asleep and not even doing anything, the cough isnt severe its more like a gagging then a few drops of water will come out! but i just wandered if there was anyone else with this problem and is there anything i can do.
p.s he was immunised for kennel cough whenever hes been boarded

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