My dog has been feeling sick the past few days. I took her to the vet and he said he thought it was kennel cough and gave her antibiotics… but she is NOT coughing at all (the main symptom of kennel cough). She has a runny nose with a lot of yellow/green mucus coming out. She is also sneezing a lot and reverse sneezing (which is really scary for us)… she has a fever and a loss of appetite and seems sleepier than usual… she also has to breathe through her mouth sometimes because her nose is too stuffed up (imagine a fish gulping). She is a 5 month old pug/french bulldog mix and we have had her for 3 months. She has never displayed symptoms like this before. I don’t know whats wrong with her and can’t find anything online that matches her symptoms besides distemper. Could it just be allergies (pollen season just started here)? Any help is really really appreciated!
She has had all of her vaccinations up to this point (I know she can still get kennel cough, distemper, etc). And she has been to the dog park 3 times this week (only dog/dog contact she has had). Thanks!
I took her to the vet on Saturday and spoke with my vet on the phone again this morning. He prescribed medicine for kennel cough but thats it… he didn’t seem too worried but as she is my baby its hard not to worry about her. 😐 I can’t afford to take her again unless I know it is necessary 🙁

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