I have an 18 month old Chocolate Lab. We rescued him three months ago (Sept. 20) from a rescue organization after he’d been in a shelter where he was going to be euthanized.

The whole time we’ve had him, Brutus has had slightly loose stools and he drinks a LOT – at least a gallon of water a day. Other than that, though, he is very healthy and energetic. Yesterday, he developed severe diarrhea and vomited a couple of times. We took him to the vet who prescribed an intestinal antibiotic (Flagyl), a probiotic, and a bland diet. He also said we could give Immodium (1-1/2 pill 3x/day) as needed. He is running fecal and urine cultures today, but I haven’t gotten the results yet.

He was tested for heartworm by the rescue org. and came back clean, and he’s had Heartguard every month since we got him. He is a healthy weight and is still hungry and thirsty despite his illness. He is slighly quieter than normal yesterday and today, but doesn’t seem excessively depressed or lethargic.

Today, Brutus has also developed a cough. It sounds just like kennel cough: a mean, barking cough followed by "foaming"/retching.

Does anyone have suggestions? Do I need to go back to the vet for this latest symptom?

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