This system is designed to clean dog water in between sips (and slurps). In a kennel environment, dogs come and go all the time, making a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Just like children in school, dogs often come home from kennel with an upset stomach or a sore throat. Kennel cough is very common in kennels and dog parks, and although it’s primarily spread by coughing a secondary vector is drinking water. I see it as my job as a dog kennel owner to minimize risk of disease however possible, so in the past few months I’ve implemented a few simple solutions. The first is this water cleaning system. The system is made up of a few parts: 1) A pump. In this case, I used a Hydor Seltz L20. This pump has a flowrate of 700 liters (185 gallons) per hour. 2) Piping. You can get this at any hardware or pet store. 3) A filter (or actually, a sterilizer). I use a Laguna Powerclear PT-520 filter, which rather than absorbing sediment, simply kills viruses and bacteria using ultraviolet (UV) light. I used a UV filter rather than a carbon (absorbing) filter for reasons explained in the video. For this system to work reliably, you also need an automatic filling system (otherwise the pump will burn out when the bowl empties). For this, I used the following: 1) A toilet float (also called a ballcock) to automatically shut off water when the bowl is full. 2) Piping, specifically made for attaching to toilet cisterns. 3) Some wood to build a frame around the bowl to

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