Hi, I have a miniature pinscher who is five years old. She likes to eat cat poo and, last night, I’m pretty sure she ate some with clumping litter on it. By the middle of the night, she was hiding under the bed and sounded like she was blowing snot out of her nose, but there was no snot to be found. Also, she sounds like she has something stuck in her throat. I looked in her throat and couldn’t see anything. I’ve done a bunch of google searches and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have kennel cough because she hasn’t been around any other animals.
Could she just have a cold? It almost sounds like there is phlegm stuck between her nose and throat. I’ve never head anything like it! I can’t afford to take her to the emergency vet – although I will take her on Friday. (They’re closed tomorrow due to Thanksgiving) I guess I’m just looking for peace of mind? She has no other symptoms – still eating and drinking and poo/peeing normally.

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