she went to the vet yesterday to get tested for worms because we saw something in her poop, even though she is on heartguard plus. The vet gave her a shot to kill tapeworms along with my other dog but my other dog is fine. Since about 5:30 this morning she had a light dry cough followed by gagging and since then she has just been laying around. She was alert earlier but when she got up and ran a little she did it again. It looked like it took her a lot of energy just to get up the stairs when she is usually up or down the stairs in 2 seconds. My worst fear is heartworm and she has an appointment today at 4. I thought it might be kennel cough because she went to have her nails trimmed yesterday morning, but the symptoms don’t show up until a week later according to some websites. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with their dog and if so what was it, or what do you think it could be?

she had her anal glands expressed yesterday too because they were full, could that be causing this?
it has also been very cold and windy recently so maybe she is sick? but that doesn’t seem like it would cause her to gag. again she was just fine yesterday, and she wears a harness not a collar so that wouldn’t be the cause. i tried feeling down her throat for a foreign object, but didn’t feel anything. any ideas to what it could be?
I don’t think she has, she sleeps in my mom’s bed with a gate blocking the stairs so there isn’t much she can get into.
it’s 10:05 am here and her appointment is at 4 (first available) is that too long to wait? should we take her to the ER?
ok thanks everyone. i’m sitting here scared to death because i freak out if the slightest thing is wrong with them. she is currently sleeping and has been so i’ll wait to see if there are any changes in behavior.

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