I’ve read some on-line articles about his symptoms and have about 12 different possibilities so I’m hoping someone may have a similar situation. I’m new to the dog owner thing and so I’m not sure how serious his coughing is.

A few days ago he was just sneezing a whole lot. Now it’s gotten worse and he sort of does this goofy inhaling thing that is really loud and sounds almost like a motor starting up. His eyes have been very gummy, I have to clean out the corner of them 3 or 4 times a day due to the pile of eye boogers in there.

He mostly does it outside, so my first thought was allergies and I still think that is most probable. But we had him neutered at the humane society last week so I’m wondering if he didn’t pick up something there too, like a kennel cough. He is up to date on shots but maybe they didn’t have time to "set in" before he went there (got the shots about 9 days before he went to be neutered).

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. The vet can’t fit him in for another 7 days so I really want to pin this thing down to make sure I don’t have to take him to a doggie ER to get quicker treatment.


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