I adopted a dog from our local animal control shelter and when i got him home he was coughing. I took the little guy to the vet 2 days later and he has Kennel Cough. He gave him a shot and 3 different meds. This was 2 days ago and he is 90% better but, the vet said that the cough would just kind of hang around and it would take a few weeks to get rid of it completely.
I already saw 100 sites, i just want peoples experiences on this one please.
I would be grateful if i could get some people that have had dogs with this cough and what, how did they do for the animal.
Thanks in advance.
he’s only 11 pounds a mix chiwawa and terrier , he sleeps alot too. I guess that could be from his surgery ( nuetred )??
He hasn’t had his stitches out yet.
Otherwise when he is up he’s really full of pep!! eats well and all that.

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