I have a 7 month old English Bull Terrier who received all her vaccinations on time. Last month our boss brought his dog into work and mine was there too and both dogs were playing in the back office. I heard the other dog coughing and I ran to the back worried it was choking on something. It sounded awful. My boss was there and said that it had been having coughing episodes quite a bit that week and took it to their vet that evening where it was determined it had kennel cough. 3 days later my puppy came down with kennel cough. I called my vet and told him what had happened and he prescribed me an antibiotic and a cough suppressant. My puppy took the 10 days of antibiotics and we kept her calm and away from other dogs for 2 weeks. After that she was back to being a happy go lucky dog playing and being a super hyper dog. Now, last Friday she woke up with the same honking cough she had before. This time it was so extreme it was causing her to gag and throw up some bile or pieces of recently eaten food. I called the vet right away and he was out for the week but they prescribed me the same meds and I got her started that morning. Her cough is 95% better and only occurs when she get all wound up. I have an appointment this Wednesday to have a full checkup done as soon as my vet gets back into the office.
I am really concerned that she contracted kennel cough again so soon. From everything I have googled, this doesn’t seem normal. And the bad thing about googling is that I find so many other possible things that could be wrong. She is eating, drinking, pottying and everything normally. It is really hard to keep her calm and not let her get too excited but we do the best we can. I have had her on probiotics and enzymes since the first time she was on antibiotics to help keep her immune system healthy. I am doing everything I can, I am just so worried 🙁
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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