My dog Ace was recently Diagnosed with Tracheal Collapse. A supposed common disease in small breed dogs. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with a pretty significant heart murmur called myxomatous valve degeneration. Meaning the valves become insufficient in preventing the back flow of blood between the chambers of the heart. Her biggest problem at the moment is the Tracheal collapse. Treatment for her at the moment is being done medically, in other words with lots of medications. The vets will try to reduce the amount of coughing. This is a very very serious disease and should not be taken lightly by a pet owner. If you dog sounds like her, that honking goose like noise please take her to the vet. Surgery for Ace is out of the question she is too old and it is too expensive for common folk. When she has a bout of coughing and trouble getting in air, I rub and massage her to calm her down. You will find items that will trigger the coughing such as, eating or drinking, getting excited, exercise and at times when they wake up from sleeping they will do it. Ace does it all the time when she gets up. Her case is pretty serious. I am doing this video for her, a diary of sorts to try to help other people that love their pets and just need an answer. And Tracheal collapse can also mimic the sound of Kennel cough, so be advised. Really a vet needs an Xray to tell for sure. The information I give you will be what I have been given from a Veterinarian. So I am not making it up

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