Today I got some really terrible news about my most recent foster dog. She was sent to a no-kill humane society to receive treatment for her torn ACL that she came to me with. They called me today to tell me she contracted Kennel Cough and couldn’t fight it off. She started coughing up blood so they did an X-ray to try to find out why. When they turned her on her back to do the X-ray she turned blue. The X-ray showed an extremely enlarged heart and that she had about 1/3 the lung capacity she should have. The vet said that along with everything she was also showing precursory signs of cancer. Sadly we had to make the decision to euthanize her because they did not have the funds to treat her, and even if they had there was a VERY small chance she would have any quality of life.

Of course I was very upset. I grew very close to her in the short time that I had her. I was crying, pretty hysterically, and my male Pit/Boxer mix came up to me and laid his head in my lap. It’s very unusual for him to do that unless you are petting him. He just rested his head there and looked at me with these eyes. It was like I could see in his eyes that he was hurting because I was.

Do your dogs/dog ever do this? What do they do to comfort you?

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