So my 8 month old, Old English Bulldog would reverse sneeze every once in a while, which I realized wasnt a huge deal. But about 10 days ago, she started reverse sneezing everyday 4-5 times a day. She also would gag a little in the middle of playing/running around, sorta a gag/clearing of throat/cough. But not a constant cough remotely. So i brought her to the vet and the vet said her tonsils/throat area was inflamed and my puppy actually coughed a little (cuz she was pulling on her leash to see all the people) and was sorta gagging/wheezing. (which doesnt happen when she pulls on the leash normally). So after checking her lungs, heartbeat, etc. I was given medicine for 10days for Kennel Cough. She does cough a little and has a bit of a runny nose, but it doesnt seem to be anything close to what I have read about kennel cough…green mucus, constant honking dry coughing. So she is on the meds, etc. But does this seem like a correct diagnosis. I didnt think reverse sneezing was a symptom of kennel cough? just a coincidence? Also, how long before my puppy isnt contagious and when can I expect the cough to go away? thanks!
I want to also add, she is eating well and still has a lot of puppy energy. Other than the symptoms described, she is unphased.

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