I just got a 3 month old puppy a week ago from the humane society. She had been exposed to distemper over a month ago, and when she saw a shelter vet, they said she was fine, but to keep her away from other puppies for 6 months. She just started coughing 2 days ago. The cough is pretty wet, and phlegm does come up sometimes. She has a little nasal discharge, but not a lot, and has no eye discharge at all. She is still pretty active, and eats and drinks well. I took her to the vet and the vet gave me some pills for her cough, but warned me that she could have distemper and it is fatal. =[ The vet said that she doesn’t have a fever, is hydrated well, but that she looked sleepy. I have to take her back in a week so the vet can check on her. The vet said that even if the cough clears, she is still at risk and could still die in the next 2-3 months. I know what signs to look for such as vomiting and seizures and everything, but what about this cough? Is it just kennel cough or does she have distemper? I love this dog so much, and it would be horrible to lose her. It would tear me apart. I’m really scared. Please help.

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