My dog was boarded this past weekend. As per policy, he was given the bordetella vaccine in advance of his stay. When we picked him up on Sunday he was sneezing a lot – possible kennel cough? That has since stopped, however this morning I noticed that his eye had green gunk coming out and his eye was red and weepy. He is, however, rubbing his face and ears frequently. If he was still sneezing, I would guess that he had kennel cough, but I see no symptoms. No fever, coughing, runny nose, vomiting etc.

So is this just pink eye or do you think it’s kennel cough? He’s going to the vet tomorrow to get the influenza vaccine, but I wanted to get other opinions first.
In order to have my dog boarded again (for Thanksgiving and Xmas), the kennel is requiring that all dogs be vaccinated for the Canine Influenza, H3N8. It consists of 2 booster shots, 2 weeks apart.
No mass, just redness, green gunk and weepy-ness
Thanks for that Kelli. I UNDERSTAND. If you READ my question you’ll see that I’m taking him to the VET TOMMOROW. There’s no harm in curiosity.

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