she is a treeing walker coon hound, she walked into our yard years ago and was very skinny so someone called animal control on my family but we were not going to giver her them because the pound in my area killed most dogs within 3 days because they get so many dogs…. so we took her to the vet and got her fixed and her shots the vet said she was more than likely a pure bread from the way she looks and just ran too far from her home when she was hunting… anyways when we did take her to the vet the vet said she was probably about 7years old so she is probably 11 now and the past month she has had a hacking cough very loud and at the end of a cough it sounds like she is about to throw up or has flem. she is not a very active dog, as she has never been im guessing because of the age she eats and drinks well, sometimes she will cough and 2 mins later she will cough again, and sometimes she will go hours without coughing. i thought it was a cold and it would just go away but yesterday i asked my dad what he thought of the cough yesterday and he said it was probably heart worms, i asked could we take her to the vet to get her treatment and he said NO! because she was old and probably going to die from old age soon anyway and him and my mom were not going to spend money on dog that was going to die anyway. im taking her to the vet monday with my own money, because im not going to just sit there and watch my baby die, but i looked up coughing in dogs and it could be kennel cough,

so do yall think its kennel cough or heart worms? (please only answer if you really think you know what it is)
i am hoping its kennel cough because that is less expensive to treat, i am willing to pay the 1,000 dollar vet bill if she does have heart worms, but i am just trying to get an idea of what sickness she has before i take her.

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