Ok, so I went to feed our dogs today, and our Black Lab, was coughing kinda hoarse, like as if he needed water, I had just given him fresh water, and he drank half a bucket! But he still is hacking away, and I don’t know if it’s from it being so cold, kennel cough, just a hoarse throat from barking/panting (he loves to run) or something severe.. cause hes turning 11 in a few days, and I’m really worried, cause he hasn’t been to a vet for like 2 years because we can’t afford to get everything done.

We also think he may have arthritis – as he sometimes falls and and limps and doesn’t put like ANY weight on his back legs, mostly his back left leg. Any home remedies to help?

And yes I know you can’t diagnose a dog over Yahoo Answers,
I just wanted a few opinions. 🙂

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