i posted this question before and a lot of people just yelled at me to take her to the vet….. yes, of course i am taking her to the vet, i just wanted to educate myself a little bit first.

i just adopted my dog from miami animal shelter 2 days ago. They where going to put her to sleep because she’d been there for almost a month. Now she’s with us! and we love her.

when i got her they said she had kennel cough so i’ve been treating her for that for a day and a half but i was a bit skeptical when i noticed her coughs didn’t sound dry and one time she even coughed up a little saliva. she is also soo skinny which we attributed to her being a stray and possibly not eating much in the shelter. But today when i was walking her i saw 2 fat little worms in her poop. I had thought she might have worms before but now i know. Also, they told me she was about 2 years old and she’s had a healthy appetite since she’s been here.

my questions are…. 1) what immediately should i do, other than calling the vet?
2) what is the treatment?
3) is it an easy or difficult parisite to get rid of?
4) i’m assuming i should stop giving her the kennel cough meds right?
5) how long does it take to treat?
6) and lastly… are those tapeworms hurting her?? 🙁 i know a little bit about parasites being a ecosystem science and biology major but i don’t really know if she’s in pain or how she feels… any dog owners know???

thanks Luna and I appreciate it
what is your problem? i just wanted to know about how to make my dog comfortable maybe by someone who’s had this problem before. You just said tape worms are this round worms are that… i’ve already looked up all the dog parasites and from what i’ve seen and the research i’ve done i’m fairly certain it’s tapeworms. you’re just a bully and a jerk
yes they looked like grains of rice that were moving so i’m sorry if i called them worms prematurely, and 1. is what else to do other than call my vet because i already know to do that and i’m going to as soon as they open

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