My dog is 3 months old and hasn’t been vaccinated for Canine Distemper yet. When we got him last month, he was very playful. A few days later, he developed diarrhoea which was eventually cleared with Antibiotics.

After we bathed him a few days later, he developed a cough. We brought him to the vet again and he was put on Antibiotics for a week. After the week long treatment, he was still coughing, but he was instead given this herbal cough medicine. His cough has never actually been totally eliminated, but it’s no longer the characteristic Kennel Cough type with the incessant cough.

Last week, he started showing signs of lethargy. Approximately 5 days ago, he started showing diarrhoea again, but with blood. His left eye was red and having discharge. He was brought back to the vet 3 days ago and given an injection of antibiotics and a blood test. After the bloodtest, we brought him back home and the next day, his pink eye was completely healed. The blood test, according to my sister, was positive. And he had to be euthanized.

We didn’t wan’t him to die yet, so we didn’t put him to sleep. The vet didn’t want to confine the poor pup in fear of an outbreak. We took him back to our house and just last night gave him antibiotics. His diarrhoea with blood stopped. He still suffers from a light cough and breathing problems without any neurological signs. He walks fine and there are no signs of hardening footpads, but a small black circular spot on 3 of his paws had callouses which were there since as long as we could remember.

He seems to be getting better, and just last night before giving him antibiotics, he was happily greeting us with his tail wagging without showing signs of "drunkenness" that dogs with distemper show. Right now, he just finished his dog food and went to sleep in his cage. He’s not as active as before, but I’m pretty sure he’s getting much more lively as the days pass.

I heard blood tests aren’t as reliable as people think. I suspect that since the diarrhoea is getting better, his eye got better (with discharge, but no red eye), and the only symptom right now is something akin to pneumonia, that he is misdiagnosed?

He’s been in his cage without contact to any dog since we got him from the pound. There were no other dogs diagnosed with distemper at the vet’s clinic. If he had been infected with distemper at the pound, then he should have shown signs of lethargy last month, but he only showed them recently but he hasn’t even interacted with other dogs.

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