i got m ty dog neutered on friday he was perfectly healthy when he went into the vets, he came home friday night and by saturday he had started "coughing", and he still is now. its not very bad but is getting worse…i believe it to be kennel cough. he is going back to the vets today for a check on his wound, so i will find out then.
but……will they charge me for a consultation and the medication even if he caught it from their surgery?

this is the second dog i have had neutered there and the second one who has come home with kennel cough after being there.
last time when i asked if it was possible it had been caught in the vets they just said "not a chance, he could have got it anywhere" …..well he had not been mixing with other dogs or walking where other dogs had been as he had been kept in the house and yard only as he was recovering!
i just think its a bit coincidental that both dogs after going to the vets have contracted kennel cough..what do u think? should i have to pay for treatment or should they provide it complimentry as its the second time this has happened…they cant really deny it now?! x
i didnt no u could vacinate for kennel cough
vet had never told me
they just had duramune when they was puppys and their yearly boosters x
begining to think my vets is a bit crap tbh and its supposed to be the best one for a 20 mile radius for where i am!
why would they not tell me there is a possibility of coughing after the op? and why would they not tell me u can vacinate for kennel cough?!
edit, no i wouldnt because u expect kids to pick up colds at day care, u dont expect your dog to come home from the vets ill!
plus medical care is free any way, where as vet care is extortionately priced!

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