Video dated 11 October 2010 ~ YangYang had no obvious Phase I symptoms of distemper, ie diarheaa, cough, runny nose, etc although she experienced loss of appetite. She developed seizures (Phase II symptoms) around lunch time on 7 October. Four seizures within 3 hours, and was taken to the vet. She tested positive for distemper. We were praying it could be a false positive since she was “supposedly” vaccinated less than 3 weeks ago. She was put on antibiotics and an immunity booster. She ate heartily on 8 October (Hills Prescription Diet a/d) and seemed to be recovering. No seizures thereafter. Then she had diarheaa on 10 Oct and experienced heavy breathing (as captured in this video). We took her back to the vet on 11 October. Her antibiotics was changed. And her condition continued to deteriorate. She fought on, but died a couple of days later. We were too sad to want to capture the final moments, so this is her final video. We want to remember her as a cheerful and happy puppy.

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