Im starting to doubt the current vet that I go to and here is why:
My 9 year old dog developed this dry hacking cough and wheezing about 3 weeks ago. At that time I took her in to the Vet to find out why in the heck this was happening! She has been on Heartworm preventative her whole life and she is current with all vaccines including Bordatella but after her CBC blood work which turned out on normal levels, the Vet said she had Kennel Cough! She gave me anti-biotics and a cough suppressant (Robitussen-forgive the spelling) and said it should go away within 2 weeks…well we are on week 3 and nothing is changing. Is this normal for Kennel Cough to last this long or could it be something else? Im going to take her to another Vet for a 2nd opinion but I wanted to see what others might think it could be…interested to hear from you…thanks!

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