–READ– Sorry for the bad video! I HATE Windows Movie Maker. This description will help you better than than the video will. Kennel Cough is when your dog or cat iscoughing and hacking, and their throat sounds very dry. You’re going to need some cough medecine, (I used Tussin DM, sugar and alcohol free) bany brand should do.You are also going to need a small plastic syringe to place inside your dog’s mouth to insert the medecine. If your dog is small like mine, fill the syringe with half a teaspoon of the medecine. If larger, use a full teaspoon. Get someone to hold your dog firmly by the neck and body so they can’t run away. Once you have your dog held firmly, insert the syringe on the side of their cheek, towards the back. Then press the syringe and let the medecing come out. The medecine should be far down enough to where your dog can’t spit it out because it is too deep down in his mouth, so he will have to swallow it.Once he has taken the medicine, he should start feeling better. But Remember, this is only for a minor case of Kennel Cough. If your pet is warse, it needs to see a vet. Thanks!

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