we adopted a little chihuahua from the local shelter I volunteer at the end of October and I noticed when we got her she had a hairless spot on the underside of her neck but figured it was just natural or had rubbed off some how but now it seems to be getting worse all of a sudden and spreading to her right front paw she hasn’t lost hair anywhere else and im wondering if its mange but it doesn’t really seem to fit the symptoms as ive had to deal with mange in dogs brought to this shelter but never bring my clothes home. when we got her she also had a very bad cough that was never cured even from two treatments of kennel cough only recently did she stop coughing when I started fostering another chihuahua and we kept them separated until both got a clean bill of health as nothing could be explained about the coughing except it was just a cough and both dogs began playing together. the other dog does not have any hair loss or any other symptoms but my dog has also been eating science diet since she was at the shelter and since we brought her home but before I was mixing her food with samples such as evo and canidae to see which one she liked because I wanted to switch her from science diet but her condition worsened when I took her off the samples could this be a food allergy or mange.

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