I got a new puppy in January. My mother has 2 other dogs, that I keep at my house a lot of the time. About a week after I got the puppy, one of my mom’s dogs was wheezing in her sleep. We took her to the vet, and she had a slight fever. He put her on antibiotics. The next day, the puppy and her other dog were showing the same symptoms. I asked the vet tech if they could keep catching it from each other. She told me no, they couldn’t. It’s been about a month now and they seem to have it again. 2 of them are Boston Terriers, and one is a Boston/Pug, and I’m used to a lot of snorting and grunting, but their noses are runny too. The oldest Boston also has been having some reverse sneezing and coughing as of today. We’ll probably take them to the vet again soon, but in the meantime, was the vet tech wrong? Could they be catching this from each other over and over again? Could it just be my paranoia, being that they are "snorty, wheezy" dogs?
Our dogs are always totally up to date on all vaccinations. It bothers me that anyone would assume otherwise. I take good care of my dogs. In fact, a few weeks ago, the puppy survived parvo, following one parvo vaccination. I’m still picking up poop when he goes, and bleaching the floor and ground where it falls. I’m giving the Boston some Prednisone that her vet gave her years ago, in case her allergies bothered her. She has always had a lot of allergies. Maybe that’s all this is.
Ready for Spring, they only vaccinate for Bordetella (which they have ALL had); only one of the causes of kennel cough. You may want to look into that. Snarky, aren’t we?
I wouldn’t think distemper would go away and then come back like that. And they don’t feel hot to me and they act as though they feel perfectly fine. I am watching the mucus; it’s clear, so I’m not worried about distemper.

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