A friend of mine was on her way to work and saw this puppy at a gas station. She fell in love with it and asked me to go get it and she is going to come by in a few hours to get it from me. So I got this puppy, it looks like maybe a 8 to 10 week old lab mix. It was covered in fleas so I bathed it and got the fleas off. It also looks pretty skinny. My question is it sounds really congested. Its chest feels rattley like there is fluid in it and her nose is stuffy. She ate well and drank some water. The people that work at the gas station said she had been up all night running around the parking lot. I am worried about it being something that could be contagious to my dogs. All my dogs have their shots and I am keeping it in a bathroom away from my dogs. Does these symptoms sound like kennel cough or phnemonia? Are those both contagious to other dogs? I should only have the pup for about 4 hours before she gets here to pick it up. Is there something I could do to help the pup for now?

Filed under: Kennel Cough Symptoms

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