I adopted my 4 month old shepard mix from the shelter on 9/18. He had been in the shelter about 8 days prior to adoption. He was healthy and active until 9/22 when he started to show symptoms of Kennel cough. Hacking up mucous, but was still very active and had a healthy appetite and drinking plenty of fluids. I took him into the vet on 9/24 and was given antibiotica and a cough syrup. On the 26th he began to lose his appetite Ithough possibly due to meds. By the 27th he was lethargic and not eating, had become suddenly thin and had a bloody bowel movement of diahrea. I took him into the vet and he was diagnosed with parvo and had a white blood cell count of 2200 and temp of 106 degrees. The vet said that with intensive treatment he only had a 10% cahnce of survival. We opted to put down and while waiting for the euthanization he died in front of us. Based on my research I do not understand how he could have died so quickly after showing signs. Is is possible the symptoms may have been mistaken for kennel cough and were really parvo symptoms? Or is it possible he contractyed parvo at the vet visit on 9/24 and it hit him hard? based on timelines for incubation had no symptoms before initial vet visit it seems hard to beleive that he contracted parvo in the shelter if he had been there over a week.
Please help.

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