No, it’s not always kennel cough…This is a classic “CHF” cough. She used to look at me helplessly, as if she didn’t understand what was happening to her. I kept Chowmein and Wonton in the Green Playroom by themselves, so they could have companionship, but have a commotion-free area to rest in. Her brother looked visibly concerned when she’d start coughing, but stayed right with her. At first the Furosemide helped, but ultimately it couldn’t keep the fluid away. On her last night, he crawled into her bed beside her, leaving his own empty. After she died, he “reserved” a space in the bed for her, not permitting anyone else to sleep there. The first night, he tried howling to locate her, and was dismayed when she didn’t respond…It was heart-breaking. They shared a very close bond. Please remember to provide proper dental care for your dogs….regular brushing, and cleanings at the vets, is imperative for small dogs especially. Chowmein’s heart disease and overall condition was worsened by the condition that her previous owner allowed her teeth to be in, and led to her life being shorter than it had to be.

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