I have a 14 wk Chihuahua, she has been getting her shots regularly. She just received her 3rd set, including Bordetella. She received that shot 1 wk ago (nasal). 3 days ago she gagged up water with some bubbles (foamy, but not too much.) 2 nights ago she woke up sneezing and snoring (which she never snores..) This morning she had gunk in her tear ducts, watery cold nose, and sneezing still. She has done a louder cough/sneezish sound twice, I googled this and came up with Kennel Cough. Many sites telling me to wait it out, if I treat her with Antibiotics it wouldn’t do anything, since it is a virus, not a bacterial infection. It also said it would weaken her immune system, and possibly take her longer to fight off. I need opinions on what to do. I read some things on echinecea, vit C, gatorade? I just want to make sure I don’t overdose her with those vitamins (if possible), because she is only 2lbs. I called the vet, they want to do exams of course, more money for them!?

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