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I am getting anxious about my dog’s sneezing and runny nose!!! He’s been sneezing for 2 weeks now. He also snorts once in a while. He’s on antibiotics for 5 days. The doctor’s initial diagnosis was kennel cough. BUT, he always sneezes and has runny nose. He DOESN’T COUGH!!!!

He is also licking and biting his paws and other part of his body. THOUGH I’m not sure if it’s a sign of allergy or because of the ticks/fleas since I didn’t bather him for 2 weeks!!!

If it is allergy. He’s allergic to WHAT? I can’t identify the cause since he sneezes all the time and our house is not dusty!!!! I also don’t think it’s because of his food.

BTW, he also trembles when it’s cold. he’s a chihuahua. Is it normal for them to feel cold and tremble? It’s not distemper, too. I’m sure of it.



Dog has kennel cough!!!!?

I adopted a dog from our local animal control shelter and when i got him home he was coughing. I took the little guy to the vet 2 days later and he has Kennel Cough. He gave him a shot and 3 different meds. This was 2 days ago and he is 90% better but, the vet said that the cough would just kind of hang around and it would take a few weeks to get rid of it completely.
I already saw 100 sites, i just want peoples experiences on this one please.
I would be grateful if i could get some people that have had dogs with this cough and what, how did they do for the animal.
Thanks in advance.
he’s only 11 pounds a mix chiwawa and terrier , he sleeps alot too. I guess that could be from his surgery ( nuetred )??
He hasn’t had his stitches out yet.
Otherwise when he is up he’s really full of pep!! eats well and all that.

Kennel Cough – I’m pretty sure …?

Before we ever get started – she’s going to the vet in the morning!! lol

Question is this … We just had a couple move in behind us (share a back fence line) which have two adult dogs. My dog has made friends with them and been nosing with them whenever she goes out. These two new dogs seem healthy and I haven’t heard them coughing (but they only come out to potty too). Can my dog get kennel cough from them but yet those two show NO signs what so ever?
These are the only dogs mine has come in contact with in about 2 months – so I’m pretty sure it was them. She is current on all her vacs as well. I was planning on stopping by after the vet visit tomorrow just to let them know since our dogs always run right to each other with every potty break.

Also, how much does the antibiotics cost? I’m pretty sure my puppy has it. He just started with this weird deep cough all day yesterday and now has it today. He isn’t trying to hack anything up, it just sounds like a deep congested type cough. He has nothing else wrong, eats plays drinks sleeps… All his normal behavior. He is 11 weeks and had his first shot. I just want to know how much the meds at the vet will be, and can he die from having kennel cough? I’ve had dogs all my life and never had one get this!! I also have 3 other dogs! Will they catch it???

What does Kennel Cough sound like?

My puppy has been acting like she has a hairball and is coughing but nothing comes up. This am a little piece of food did, but that was it. I took her to the vet and they put her on antibiotics…but i am so worried. The vet said to keep an eye on her and that it may be kennel cough. but does kennel cough like like she is choking and has a hairball?????????
She wasnt doing the gagging/hairball ordeal when the vet was around. SO frustrating. She seems to do it more when she is laying down. Also, the vet was pushing on her throat and nothing was happening. I am SOOO worried it is something more and definitly keeping an eye out. I just dont know what to do for her because it looks uncomforable. She just had a cough/gag attack, but is now sleeping.

My 3 month old pup started coughing a few days after she was spayed. We took her to a vet and they said it might be kennel cough. So they gave us the antibiotic. Now a few days later she started to vomit and refused to eat then eventually, to drink. Everyday it was getting harder and harder to feed her because she would lock her jaws and not swallow. She began to get weak and thin and she slept a lot. We took her back and they gave us some medicine to stop her from vomiting, but she still wouldn’t eat or drink at all. They didn’t think she had parvo because she didn’t smell, her stool smelled, but not enough to make you gag and it could have been from the medicine. It was dark and really thick. That was the last time she went to the bathroom. About 2 hours later, she died. She began taking less breaths and then just stopped. Was it pneumonia? What caused it? She never once acted like she was cold. I’ve read that they use IV’s for dogs with pneumonia, but no one knew she had it even the vet. She has a sister who also is coughing, but now with the same medicine she doesn’t cough as much, but I’m worried she will get whatever her sister has.

KENNEL COUGH-Can you help me?

My dog who I rescued from the pound 10 days ago seemed perfectly healthy. The vet said she looked good etc. For the past 3 days she has a dry cough. I listened to what kennel cough sounds like on you tube and that is what I think she has. Since it is Sat my vet is closed until Monday. She seems ok otherwise (energy level eating etc) I am gonna call the vet Monday but is there anything I can do in the meantime. Will she be ok? I’m a worried mama. She only does the cough once in a while

Help! Question about kennel cough?

No, this isn’t one of those ]I-don’t-have-money-for-a-vet questions. I just adopted a new puppy on Thursday. I was planning on adoptiong him two weeks prior to that, but he had kennel cough and had to be treated with two weeks of antibiotics before the shelter would let me take him home. So I took him home and I noticed that occassionaly he gets this pretty bad cough where it seems like he is going to vomit, but he just coughs. I took him to the vet the same day that I adopted him and his health checked out fine with the vet. My other dog also had a cough like that after I adopted him that eventually went away on it’s own, that’s why I wounder if going to a vet is necessary. What should I do? How serious is kennel cough?

Kennel Cough?

I recently adopted a dog from an animal shelter. He has been vaccinated, including his Bordetella, but they warned me that there was a chance he could have picked up kennel cough while there despite being vaccinated.

Well, I think he picked it up. He’s been having spells of couching and dry hacking, even in the night… poor guy wakes up and starts hacking for 5 minutes then goes back to sleep.

Other than that he’s doing just fine… eating, drinking and playing like normal. He doesn’t have a fever and isn’t depressed or lethargic. His eyes and nose are clear – no sinus infection.

I did some research on kennel cough and I read that oftentimes when it’s a mild case like his (no signs of sinus infection) you should just let it run its course. Other sites recommended giving a small dose of Robitussin.

Is this true? I don’t mind taking him to a vet, but I don’t want to take time off work and get there and to told to ‘let it run its course’. What do you think?
So far Sonbear makes the most sense to me. Kennel cough comes in bacterial AND viral forms, FYI. And yes, there are TONS of sites recommending Robitussin for mild cases, so I’m not crazy. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I’m fairly certain it will clear up on its own like all the sites say, but I’ll probably take him to the vet tomorrow anyway to get some legitimate cough suppressant so my dog and I can both get some sleep at night. For those who think my dog has phenomena, reread what I said earlier about the lack of fever, etc. He definitely doesn’t have phenomena.

Kennel Cough situation?

I’ve been looking for a dog for months-and I finally found “the one”. He needs to interact with my roomates dog first though, but the dog at the shelter has kennel cough. My roomates are adamant about the two not meeting, even though their own dog came home with kennel cough and got over it without antibiotics.

I would be devastated if this guy got adopted by somebody else while this is all going on. I offered to get him put on antibiotics as soon as they have their interaction, but any other advice about how to handle this tricky situation? What are the odds of him contracting it in a 3 minute interaction? And seriously could he even contract it if he goes right on the antibiotics?

Thanks in advance.

kennel cough in puppy?

My five month old puppy has been diagnosed with “infectious tracheobronchitis” which i think is the proper name for kennel cough. We have been given synulox which is an antibiotic to treat the cough and also rimadyl to ease the swelling in her throat. Shes been taking the medicine for 5 days now and seems much better and is rarely coughing now.

However after looking up rimadyl and seeing some horrible stories i am now reluctant to give her anymore of the tablets. She only has 2 more days of the medication to complete so i am wondering whether to finish the course or not. If i stop giving her them i dont want the cough to return. What would you do?
add: shes a chocolate labrador

I took my dog to a dog park for the first time last weekend and he was in contact with many dogs. Now he seems to have a cough sounding like something is caught in his throat. I read online and it sounds like he might have kennel cough. He has had his vaccinations but I read that doesn’t really protect against infection. He seems to act normal other than his cough. If kennel cough is what he has, does he need meds or does it just go away on its own?
Thanks, I will be taking him to the vet tomorrow. I believe you guys, however I have read 2 sites that say it does usually go away on it’s own. Here is one site:
(In the summary section)

For the past couple of days my dog has been coughing like she’s choking on a hairball. Usually happens when she first gets up in the morning. Which causes her to vomit. Same thing happened today, only now she sounds like she can’t breathe. A constant wheezing sound. From what I researched online it sounds like kennel cough. :/