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RIP Sassy

Read Here for Sassy’s story… My family got Sassy in October 1997. Sassy was a tough kitten, picking fights with our other cat, Autumn (Died).After Autumn was gone we got Sparkle, Sassy’s younger sister, they were as close as ever. Sassy loved playing, she was really fun to play with, she always made us laugh. Sparkle was the loveable one, she loved to cuddle with us… Sassy was getting older and my parents knew some things that can happen to animals when they get older, we hoped nothing would happen. … Sassy looked fine last night, all healthy and cheerful… 7:13am: I had been sleeping, waiting till my parents woke me up (I was going to be babysitting for my auntie and uncle today), my dad came and woke me up earlier than he said he would… he said ” I’m waking you up earlier, I have to take Sassy to the vet.” That snapped me awake, I asked what had happened to her and I found out these details: This morning Sassy’s backlegs weren’t working, she was dragging herself across the floor, shortly after my parents noticed that Sassy began panting and moaning, She wouldn’t let anyone touch her. So my parents got kennel and had started getting ready to take her to the vet. I had woken up instantly and walked towards the kitchen, were I heard Sassy moaning. Sassy was in the Kennel, ears down, mouth open panting as hard as ever, I pet her through the cage and tried to soothe her… 7:30am: my parents left with Sassy, they left a note for my brothers “Took Sassy to Vet, we

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Bella eats

I hope this story encourages pet owners and vets to use the serum as soon as the first signs of distemper appear instead of waiting to see if other symptoms develop. Bella is a beautiful chihuahua mix who was rescued from being euthanized at our local animal control facility last March. She seemed perfectly healthy but within a few days she began to cough. I took her to the vet who diagnosed her with kennel cough and prescribed antibiotics. Her cough worsened so the vet prescribed more antibiotics. It wasn’t until she stopped eating and became lethargic that he finally decided she”might” have distemper. He suggested euthanasia as an option and said supportive care was all that was available. We said no so she was put on IV fluids and medications. That night I found your site and contacted you. I now know that had we already known about the serum Bella would have gotten treated the day she began to cough. Instead it was over two weeks after she started coughing before she received the serum. It did help her because the next day she sat up, walked around and allowed us to feed her with a syringe. However, she began twitching on the side of her head. So we traveled to get the spinal tap. THE SAME DAY OF HER TAP SHE ATE ON HER OWN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER A WEEK. You have a video of this that I sent to you. We brought her home and she has continued to gain strength ever since and is living a normal, happy, doggie life. Bella’s journey has given us knowledge that has led to

Day Two again of kennel cough

Lack of sleep, exhausted, watery eyes, coughing gagging choking like cough, vomiting from severe coughing, bad smelling breath, if your dog has these symptoms they more than likely have contracted kennel cough, get them to the vet immediately as this is a highly contagious virus that can be passed on very quickly to other dogs.

Ty gets kennel cough.

So i got him on saturday, and now its monday. the pet store i got him at said they recieved him a day before (friday) kennel cough symptoms appear 3-5 days after contact. and it appeared sunday night. so im assuming when he arrived on friday at the pet store he was exposed to a sick puppy and got sick too.. Kennel cough is very contagious and lasts about 10-20 days. much like a human flu. I’m heartbroken it had to happen to him cause he is so young and still growing. It makes him less active and lose appetite just like when we are sick, so its not good for puppy hood. Heres a site on Kennel cough. poor guy..

Kennel Cough, Symptoms and Treatment

Dr. Stephen Brammeier of Kingsbury Animal Hospital talks about Kennel Cough symptoms and how to treat it.

Coughing/wheezing dog?

My Jackuhauha usually makes this sounds occasionally but today he has been doing it a lot and it lasts like 10 minutes. — Canine Cardiac Disease – How Common Heart Murmurs In Dogs Could Be The Result Of CCD If your dog gets diagnosed with a common heart murmur problem, it may be a sign of canine cardiac disease. According to the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, a heart murmur results from blood flow running through the heart that is abnormal. Some heart murmurs are perfectly normal while others, similar to those heard in aging dogs, may be a sign that some type of heart disease is prevalent. The most common cardiac diseases in dogs include: 1. Congenital birth defects that show up when a puppy is young. 2. Degenerative valve disease (heart valve leaks) that mostly affect older or middle-aged dogs. 3. Loss of heart muscle tissue that is typically seen in young dogs or middle-aged larger dog breeds. Detecting The Disease Heart disease may not show up or be detected until it has reached a point where your dog experiences heart failure, collapse, or even sudden death. Your veterinarian can certainly check your dog out for heart murmurs by using a stethoscope. However, as the dog owner, your responsibility is to be on alert for certain signs such as difficulty in breathing, coughing, intolerance to exercise, or a swollen abdomen (caused by fluid retention). Canine cardiac disease can further be checked for by specific information regarding your dog’s breed type, age, chest x-rays, blood pressure measurements, and EKG readings. For a definitive

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