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Gramps the Beagle

Adopt an older dog…they`ll love you for it. This is Gramps, our most recent addition. We’ve only had him a few months but he has very quickly squirmed his way into our hearts. Gramps came to us this winter from an SPCA branch office where he had been found roaming in the woods. It’s sad to say but many people treat Beagles as tools for hunting. When they can no longer hunt rabbits they are either released into the wild, shot or tied out on a chain24/7. This is one reason why we have a special place in our hearts for them. Gramps is on a special diet and is missing all of his molars but he still has a great appetite. Unfortunately Gramps arrived with a severe form of Kennel cough. Our other three Beagles had been vaccinated but unfortunately two of the others caught the cough from Gramps. A specialist advised us that this particular form was virulent, and unless other dogs had been treated with the nose spray they would be susceptible. Lesson learned! They all get regular administration nasally. I recommend you check into this. This infection carried on for well over a month and Gramps still has an associated cough. Strangely enough our second oldest Beagle who had the exact same routine of shots never caught the cough. In addition, we were advised that he was deaf. His ear passageways almost looked deformed but they were just very swollen and very dirty. Subsequently, we happily found out that with a LOT of cleaning and anti-yeast treatment his hearing is now normal

Dog Reverse Sneeze

Note: The dog is fine we have taken him to the vet and this is a rare thing dogs can have

We have a sheltie 12yrs, she had a tooth abscess, we sent her to the vet to have this taken care of. Turned out to have a severe mouth infection, lost several teeth.
On exam it was noted she had a low grade heart murmur, this had never been seen before, including a thorough exam just 8 month prior. We were asked is she showed any signs of coughing, (a sign of heart failure) she did not.

Subsequent to the operation she is now coughing, and doing so more and more. Getting worse daily.

So just kennel cough picked up at the time, or is the murmur caused by infective endocarditis, (infection of a heart valve, leading to heart failure, causing lung fluid and cough)? If it is infective heart problem, my research would suggest the treatment of choice is 3 months on antibiotics, which she has not ben given.

Infective endocarditis would seem to be associated with dental infections, and the coincidental timing of the appearance of the murmur is also suggestive.

On the other hand, dogs do get coughs from kennels and presumably vet visits.

(I’m going to take her to the vet again on Monday, so I’m not really looking for answers of the type: "take her to a vet and see what they say". More looking for ways i can figure out for myself what is going wrong can have added confidence in the vet.

pneumonia in dogs READ MORE ABOUT PNEUMONIA Pneumonia definition pneumonia is a respiratory condition in which there is infection of the lung community-acquired pneumonia refers to pneumonia in people who have not. My dog has pneumonia, vet put her on baytril and also gave her 2 guide to canine parasites and diseases even if you give your pet the good things he needs such as a good amount of physical activity and good foods for him, you need to. Pneumonia – healthcare center pneumonia is uncommon in healthy adult dogs it tends to target the very young and the very old, and those whose immune systems have been compromised as a result of. – how do you treat pneumonia in your dog at home dog illnesses all pet dogs should be treated as members of our family and adequate attention must be paid to the canine s health sometimes dogs become sick but may not. Common dog health problems pneumonia dog here is what i have done i hope it helps i take the dog and put her in a small sized bathroom with a humidifier on i come in and lay with them so they don t feel. Dog pneumonia at common dog health problems woman gets kennel cough from her dog s vaccine bordetella pneumonia in a person from dog vaccine by scott weese 12-4-9 an article in an upcoming edition of transplant. Canine hookworms: causes, symptoms, and treatment of hookworm in dogs dog verminous pneumonia is caused by bacterial, fungal or viral

This winter in spite of inoculations, all 5 of my dogs had kennel cough. Now the 3 that were the sickest have bladder infections, 1 has stones. Treatment with antibiotics, the 1 w/stones on prescription SD food for 1 mo. They are all doing well except they have gradually lost control of their bladders which Proin barely controls. All blood/urine tests are neg. for infections, diabetes, Cushing’s disease etc. I’m at my wit’s end. Any ideas?
These dogs are not related and range in age. They have been on 2 different antibiotics for 6-8 weeks-they are still taking them. Initially they had blood in their urine but do not now. All blood and urine tests indicate that there is now no infection present yet they continue to develop incontinance. The 3rd dog lost control tonight. They have not been on the same food and no recalls for anything they’ve eaten. They are active and playful. I just don’t know what is destroying their ability to control their bladders-I’m losing my mind! And I’ve spent a fortune at the vet with no end in sight.

Vets are expensive! My dog has kennel cough, and his coughing has become a nussiance. I need to get treatment for him, but I just got laid off, and I can’t afford any of the local vets.
And don’t tell me about "it doesn’t matter the price, he is still a sick dog" crap because I can’t even afford to go to the dentist, and I still put him first.
And if you know an alternative cure for his coughing, that could work too 🙂

Meet Skylar a Australian Cattle Dog currently available for adoption at! 4/16/2011 10:53

LHS Resident Since: 12/15/10 Weight: 44 pounds Skylar was found running stray in Hillsdale County, then brought here to be placed up for adoption. We quickly figured out that Skylar was both pregnant AND heartworm positive. The treatment for Heartworm Disease is very expensive and takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Skylar was able to have her pups and care for them without distress, and we received enough monetary donations to treat Skylar’s heartworms! Her treatment has been started and as long as things continue to go well, we should be able to send her to a new home the first week of May. Skylar is housetrained when taken out on a regular schedule, and she interacts well with cats and other dogs. She is a cuddly, timid girl who will be an extremely devoted companion to the family who adopts her. She also walks well on a leash and doesn’t mind rides in the car. Skylar is current on her distemper and kennel cough vaccines. She will be started on monthly heartworm prevention while under our care. Her new owner will be responsible for continuing her monthly heartworm prevention and making sure her vaccines and heartworm test are updated by a veterinarian every year. THANK YOU to all who continue make it possible for us to help animals in need – we couldn’t do it without your help!

I think my 14 week old puppy has kennel cough?

And can i get the kennel cough?Some people say you can but im not sure. And if you can how do you treat it naturally?His next appointment for vaccination is in less then 7 days. Should i wait?And how much will the treatment cost?Thx
And his next vaccine is also bordetella vaccine.

I have an adult dog being treated for Valley Fever with potential exposure to Kennel Cough. Is my dog at greater risk for getting Kennel Cough and if so, will Kennel Cough be treatable along with Valley Fever or will K.C. adversely effect the V.F. treatment?
Exposure is from puppy being treated for Kennel Cough. I have been planning to adopt puppy currently at a foster family. The pup is on antibiotics for Kennel Cough. Not sure if following the treatment, the pup will still be a threat to my dog being treated for Valley Fever. Thoughts?