My beautiful Shiba Inu 9 weeks old, before he was diagnosed with Parvo Bought from Petland 453 N. Alafaya Trail Orlando FL He originated from Circle B Farms, LLC Hunstville, MO Born 6/5/2011 Adopted 8/8/2011 00 8/11/11 Diagnosed with coccidosis and kennel cough 8/15/11 (midnight) Diagnosed with Parvo in Emergency Vet 8/17/11 Third day of hospitalized IV treatment prices up to 00 I had no idea of the dangers of petstores and puppy mills before this purchase I’m now in deep debt trying to keep him alive, he is hospitalized, and inform everyone not to buy from Petland. Its a great emotional struggle, and I have deeply learned my Lesson Keep updated on Castiel’s condition at Yes Castiel was named after the angel in the show Supernatural

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