On June 28th we went to the flea market while we were there we saw the Humane Society of Inverness’ booth. We had been searching for a puppy and they were selling lots of them we thought since they were the Humane Society it would be safe to get a puppy from them we picked out this cute little calm puppy iI called them on the way home because she was coughing. We did not get a response. I took her to the vet the next day and was told she had 3 diffrent types of parasites, coccidia, round worms, and giardia. All of these are transmittable to people. She also had eather kennel cough or distemper. Thursday we took her to the vet again because she was not getting better at all. they gave us stronger medicine for kennel cough and requested that they could test her for distemper. we took her home put her on the new medicine and she seemed to be getting better except for her eyes. today we found out on the phone that she had distemper. A couple days back we decided a perfect name that matched her personality and the name was Lillie. Tomorrow we have to have her put to sleep we were sooooooo sad. The place we got her from doesn’t even want to give us our money back for the adoption cost and they told us detemper was not a big deal and is not very contagious you decide.

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