www.petdoghealthcare.com — Canine Cardiac Disease – How Common Heart Murmurs In Dogs Could Be The Result Of CCD If your dog gets diagnosed with a common heart murmur problem, it may be a sign of canine cardiac disease. According to the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, a heart murmur results from blood flow running through the heart that is abnormal. Some heart murmurs are perfectly normal while others, similar to those heard in aging dogs, may be a sign that some type of heart disease is prevalent. The most common cardiac diseases in dogs include: 1. Congenital birth defects that show up when a puppy is young. 2. Degenerative valve disease (heart valve leaks) that mostly affect older or middle-aged dogs. 3. Loss of heart muscle tissue that is typically seen in young dogs or middle-aged larger dog breeds. Detecting The Disease Heart disease may not show up or be detected until it has reached a point where your dog experiences heart failure, collapse, or even sudden death. Your veterinarian can certainly check your dog out for heart murmurs by using a stethoscope. However, as the dog owner, your responsibility is to be on alert for certain signs such as difficulty in breathing, coughing, intolerance to exercise, or a swollen abdomen (caused by fluid retention). Canine cardiac disease can further be checked for by specific information regarding your dog’s breed type, age, chest x-rays, blood pressure measurements, and EKG readings. For a definitive

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