New rescue “Behren” (sounds like Baron) hanging out with me in the short yard getting some sun and getting accustomed to his new pack members through the fence. “Behren” is a 13 month old chestnut red Cane Corso who was rescued from a kill shelter in Pittsburgh on 06/01/2012. His saving was facilitated by Noreen Kohl who has Gentle Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue (Facebook & Petfinder sites) in Zelienople, PA. Noreen is a dear friend and a fellow dog rescuer. “Behren” owes his life to her saving him…we just gave him the happily ever after 🙂 “Behren” was HW+, had kennel cough, neutered, vaccinated and all within a month of entering the shelter. They did a fabulous job caring for him/treating him, but “Behren” was facing the possibility of being put down very soon because no one suitable was ever interested in him, and he also seems to have some orthopedic issues – hip dysplasia and possible torn cruciate(s). We also believe that “Behren” was de-barked which is a very cruel procedure…not to mention his home-cropping of his ears/tail by some backyard breeder/owners. In spite of being dumped at a kill shelter and having faced some serious medical challenges in the last month, he’s a very happy, LEGGY, super-smart, VERY HANDSOME, loving little boy. The Cane Corso (correctly pronounced “KAH-NAY KOR-SO”) is a Guardian Breed and not for first time or novice dog owners. In the right hands, they are a perfect family dog and protector…in the wrong hands they are very dominant and

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