Two weeks ago, my dog got kennel cough, probably at the dog park. She received antibiotics for bordatella (now completed). About the same time she began taking the anitbiotics, she infected a neighbor’s 6-month-old puppy (this puppy had no other exposures during that period). The puppy is now receiving the same treatment (she still has several days to go). Now these neighbors need us to help dog-sit this puppy for a few days, but we do not want our dog to be reinfected. Can she be reinfected with the exact viral-bacterial kennel-cough-causing agents that she just had?
Please note that my dog gave this very same infection to the other dog less than two weeks ago, so it is almost 100% certain that it is the "same strain". Both dogs were vaccinated, but I don’t think that’s especially relevant in this circumstance.

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