I asked a question after not quite having enough faith in the vet i had, After visiting another two vets my dogs have been confirmed to have kennel cough by two vets (although PDSA got me to rush there over 15 mile in less that half hour to send out an unqualified vet who got another opinion which also said kennel cough and said come back in a week but no treatment).they apparantly made me go there for nothing in a taxi when no appointments were available with a vet anyhow,
Well now my dogs had kennel cough injection too which is rare in the u.k
I also have an eight year old, she’s showing no signs and is fine, I felt ill all day but i am high risk to disease as i have apnoea,diabetes and epilepsy but no coughing just aches n pains and tiredness and stomach and back cramps,
My main worry is my daughter and daughter in law are pregnant and i have four grand babies all under two whom I want to visit during the day.

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