My 3 month old pup started coughing a few days after she was spayed. We took her to a vet and they said it might be kennel cough. So they gave us the antibiotic. Now a few days later she started to vomit and refused to eat then eventually, to drink. Everyday it was getting harder and harder to feed her because she would lock her jaws and not swallow. She began to get weak and thin and she slept a lot. We took her back and they gave us some medicine to stop her from vomiting, but she still wouldn’t eat or drink at all. They didn’t think she had parvo because she didn’t smell, her stool smelled, but not enough to make you gag and it could have been from the medicine. It was dark and really thick. That was the last time she went to the bathroom. About 2 hours later, she died. She began taking less breaths and then just stopped. Was it pneumonia? What caused it? She never once acted like she was cold. I’ve read that they use IV’s for dogs with pneumonia, but no one knew she had it even the vet. She has a sister who also is coughing, but now with the same medicine she doesn’t cough as much, but I’m worried she will get whatever her sister has.

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