We just got a 4 month old puppy (Pomeranian). I am not sure if this is kennel cough, but he does make that coughing noise that small dogs make when their trachea collapses, and SOMETIMES he throws up a clear liquid. A little more info, he has been drinking a LOT of water (we are going through a heat wave in PA, and even with the air on, it is still boiling).

We are taking him to the vet tonight but I am slightly worries as I sit here at work.

Also, please do not post what Kennel Cough is, that it is contagious, that it is a virus, its like a cold, or any of that stuff. Pleeaassee. I already know all that. I would just like an opinion for what I described in his symptoms please.
Great. Okay, thank you. Anyone know how much the antibiotics cost, so I am prepared to faint at the vets later?
@Walking Lady, did I ask for a diagnosis? No. I asked for opinions. I don’t think actual veterinarians spend all day on Yahoo Answers become Top Contributors and diagnosing problems. If you read my post, he is going to a vet, but I would like other opinions. Thanks.
@Collie, thanks for the personal experience. I just feel bad for him, taken out of where he was familiar and put into a new home… But I do have all intentions of mentioning this to the vet later tonight.

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