My dog killed a cat a week ago and has been choking for the past few days, i thought it was just a bone or twig stuck in her throat but i noticed she’s sneezing while she’s choking. i havent heard her gag for i think to be an hour but it might start again. Could she have gotten kennel cough from the cat? i believe the cat lived with dogs, maybe it was a carrier, though there have been cases where cats can be infected with it.

gagging, sneezing while gagging, snot spraying out while sneezing while gagging. runny nose only after she stops gagging, then she’s fine.

***LONG: (minor explicitly detailed, and somewhat boring. if you like stories, true of fiction (this is true), then read on. if not, please dont skim and start posting things that dont make sense because you didnt read the whole thing. thank you to you readers. i find readers to be of equal value to answerers. though answers are great and i kinda need one, knowing that people read it and that my question wasnt skipped (never read, they usually are and i never get answers) is great.)

NOTE: (so all is understood, i’ve never met our neighbors, never seen them and dont know their names. our properties are divided by a 12ft brick wall with barb wire across yet we can hear them speaking with "indoor voices" as if they were right next to us. we’ve lived behind each other for 8 years)

*******(about a week ago, maybe 11 days)
right behind us lives a family with i think to be 2 dogs (hard to tell, i’ve never seen them, only heard) and a bunch of cats, mostly kittens (maybe a month old). i went out to the back yard to bring the laundry in from off the line and heard the 2 children that live there and their classmates singing "we are the world" (a little pitchy if you ask me). how do i know classmates? its that time of the year here where all the elementary schools have social programs with students performing numbers in lightly competitive events only to raise awareness for whatever theme the school chooses. that or they perform at high school or college graduations.

i go inside and finish cleaning up when my 2 dogs (8y/o mutt (terrier mixed with something) and her 2y/o daughter (mom mixed with poodle/shi tzu father)) go stark raving made in the back yard. i ignore them for a while as they normally do this 27 times a day. they bark at the garbage men, little kids running down the street, other dogs, cats, Jehovah’s witnesses, everything that moves, except birds because they finally learned that they cant catch them.

i heard whining and growling and thought something was up, but what really got me going was when May (mom) "attacked" Lulu (2 y/o) and Lulu yelped. when May’s in "the zone", you dont mess with her. i came out to see a rust and brown cat, cornered, hissing and clawing at my dogs. i tried to get them away from it (verbally, you dont want to get into May’s way in a fight. Dad learned that the hard way 3 years ago) then got the hose out and sprayed them. Lulu cowarded and hesistated to stay (my dogs HATE water) May didnt move, neither did the cat. i yelled and spray all of them (including the cat) in the face and they all gave in. Dogs ran for the front yard to hide from my "lethal weapon" and the cat hid behind the clothes line post (5inches from where it was when i went outside). i put down the hose and blocked off the the narrow path from car port to back yard with an old white board leaning against the house jus as May and Lulu came back for more.

i went over to the corner and looked at the cat (wet, muddy, scared, furious, and a collar). A blue and orange collar was around its neck with a little brass bell dangling, but no name tag. (oh yeah, there’s a really small gap that goes half way down the wall on the right edge so you can kind of see the neighbors back yard, just big enough for May to squeeze through but luckily she cant reach it). i look over to the neighbors yard and cant really see much but the back door and a rusty gas tank. i call out to them (it had only been at least 10mins since i brought the laundry in) and asked if they were missing a cat. no one answered, but when i put the board up i could hear the mother talking to her kids. i called out and asked 3 more times and never got an answer, but i did hear the son go "where’s Chris?". it didn’t sound like they were leaving or going inside, their voices were still as loud and clear as if they were standing in the middle of their yard.

1. is Chris a common name for a cat? 2. they had friends over so maybe he wasnt referring to the cat. 3. i know they have cats, they have LOTS of cats and our other neighbors dont have cats. they have dogs that hate cats. so am i wrong to suspect them for not taking full responsibilty in keeping their pets inside THEIR OWN property?

next thing i hear is rustling and see Lulu looking up
next thing i hear is rustling and see Lulu looking up at me like she’s the cutest thing to ever walk the planet (she kind of is :3). i worried that May was coming next but saw she was still waiting behind the board while Lulu decided to go around the house. while this whole thing was going on i was texting my father asking what to do because i was NOT going to touch that cat and i was NOT going to wait for the people behind our house to finally get the gall and say, "oh that’s my cat". (we have no animal control here. animal control would be like calling your local butcher or any guy on the street willing enough to risk a few cuts and scrapes to "remove" an animal, just as long as you pay him) yes, its that bad.

i was too busy texting to notice May sneaking up behind me and didnt realize what had happened (a loud bark ringing in my right ear, saw a white and orange flash and heard a high pitch meow) til it was over. May had grabbed the cat at the neck and dug her worn down canines in
canines in deep. Lulu joined in and started yanking at its tail and hind legs in the same manner you would see when dogs play tug of war. (*dont get me wrong, im not proud of it but there was nothing left for me to do to make it better*) i stood there watching as my dogs mangled the cat lifeless. it only took less than a minute for it to stop clawing at May’s neck and kicking Lulu’s nose. the cat was dead but May didnt let go. I told them to back off but only Lulu walked away.
a few moments later, May dropped the lifeless body, stood up and looked me. "what? you want a trophy?" i said. all she did was give me a little smirk (its creepy when dogs smile) then laid down next to the cat, admiring her work. i was through with all the fuss with the cat and the killing and the nasty dogs that just took their bath the day before, that i grabbed the shovel, and dug a hole. i was satisfied at knee deep and May looked at me bad. she knew what i was going to do and she didnt like it. i "threatened" her with the shovel (just for her to move, i would never hit a dog with a shovel unless i really really really had to or i was being attacked by cujo) and buried the cat, i piled in broken hollow block pieces into the hole, packed the dirt in tight, laid more bricks down and i even gave a short (somewhat hurtful) eulogy. "here lies dumb***t cat" yep, that’s all i said.
i pet my dogs, went inside, washed my hands like mad, and gave them half a banana each. (what? they like it). i finished cleaning and told dad everything when he got home. he was a little angry for me burying it but am i supposed to do with the cat? i dont know. where am i going to take a dead cat? the ice parlor? so i did what i did. 3 days ago, May dug it up. RANCID! the cat was black, and i could everything incuding bare bone. the only thing, ONLY THING i couldn’t see was the cat’s hind legs. (they were gone)

yeah, i know. sick. very sick. dont yell at me, i didnt do. i tried to save the cat. yes i didnt do my best, but its animal natural for dogs to kill cats, jus like cats to mice, is it any different if i witnessed the whole and tried to call the owners and do something about it? does it make me bad? it shouldn’t.
My dog is 8 years old, mutt, mix breed of probably everything, no front teeth, canines that look like rejected jelly beans, back teeth all still there and stays outside 24/7. yes, she is exposed to every sort of disease out there but this is one of the only times that she’s ever been sick and it just happens to be right after she ate a week dead cat. maybe its not kennel cough, maybe its worse. but her symptoms are gagging, retching, hawking whatever you want to call it, running nose with sneezing only when she coughs. her eyes look normal (i would know, i stare at them constantly, they’re pretty) she’s not irritable, sensitive to touch or sound, she stills gets wired up when she sees me eating cheese. nothing wrong with her stool, no blood anywhere, no whining at night, she still sleeps in the lawn chair, on her back with her legs up in the air.
she always runs towards the gate to greet people we know and ward off the solicitors and people that just stand there in front of our gate for no reason. she’s just as normal as she’s always been but she’s coughing like mad. AND she’s still the most ROTTEN DOG EVER. jus earlier she walked over to me when she was coughing and sneezed all over my leg, then looked up at me with that big old goofy smile of hers. yes, my dog’s does that. and Lulu’s just as bad. i dont know, maybe they get it from me. hahaha
well thats it. i’d tell you what i had for lunch but i dont know if you want a 40ft long story about me eating a hamburger from Kokomo’s.

thanks everybody who post answers, comments bout the story, my dogs and the cat, rants about animal cruelty and those who want to get Kokomo’s number for delivery. their burgers and tropical salad are boss. everything else is ok. but dont take my word for it, i only work there.

the closest vet here is a whack job that needs to get shut down. first day we ever met the owner (also the head vet and always there) he freaked us out and we left.

the good vet is all the way across town and expensive, we only go there to get routine shots and if there’s an emergency, kind of like when Ginger, (May’s other daughter) swelled but like a volleyball and died on the operating table, her veins collapse. the vet said she had severe hemorrhaging that happen at birth. she was 2 months old when she died. the other pups are all very healthy and were given as gifts to very good friends of ours. we see them from time to time.
swelled up not but.., wow i just now noticed alot of typos. my apologies

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