I have researched the symptoms for years but I have not found a conclusive idea on what was wrong.

-Pure bred male Shetland Sheepdog
-Had all basic vaccinations
-Lived for 8 healthy years until he had to be put down as a result of his illness
-Contracted what we think was kennel cough and health deterriorated afterwards (we are uncertain if it was connected to his fatal illness)
-Vomited daily for maybe 6 weeks, and had on and off loose stool for the same amount of time
-Could not hold food down in final week, with constant and uncontrollable diahrrea
-Tests showed a dangerously low level of white blood cells shortly before euthenization
-Had lumps on his back, but some seemed to disappear or shrink

I thought it was a viral infection but the lumps on his back and the low white blood cells make me wonder if it may have been a type of cancer.
Any ideas would be very appeciated and would benefit other sheltie owners with similar circumstances.

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