I adopted a puppy 10 days ago from the shelter. Within 2 days she had full blown coughing so we took her to the vet. He said she has kennel cough, and it may or may not be caused by the vaccine she had 7 days earlier. I believe it was intranasal. She had a blood test and everything came back ok, and he put her on cough tablets and said make sure she gets rest. She hasn’t been really ill, but the coughing is keeping her up at night and she had a few days with lots of mucousy boogers.

He said to keep an eye on my other dogs, but they may be ok since this isn’t a "real" case of kennel cough and they have made it about 8 days so far with no symptoms.

I’m getting conflicting messages from both the vet and the shot clinic, so was hoping someone else could shed some light on if we are out of the woods or not. The shot clinic made it sound like we are all doomed to get ill and that we are crazy for not putting them on antibiotics. The Vet said don’t panic, it may just be from her vaccine and noone else will get it.

I’d like to add my dogs are all up to date on their shots, but were given dlpp?? heartworm tabs and strongid, not bordetella.
If it isn’t a TRUE case of kennel cough, can it still be passed to my other dogs?? Like when you get a flu shot and feel a bit ill, you can’t give someone the flu. Is it the same with dogs and kennel cough??

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